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About Katie Roberts


Hello everyone, My name is Katie and I own The Holistic Haven .

✨I am a mother of 2 boys, now aged 7 & 11

✨I began my complimentary therapy journey when I had my first child. Billy ended up with really bad eczema and I was at the end of my tether with trying to sooth him – especially at night time. I suffered with eczema all my life too so I understood the torment he was feeling.

✨My self care and personal development go to practices are yoga and meditation.

✨I have trained in hands on healing in Limerick and became qualified with a practitioner diploma in reflexology.

✨I am also a reflexology instructor that can teach parents simple routines  to help relieve their babies symptoms.

✨I love gardening but not weeding! I love the different colour and textures with all the various shrubs and flowers and my kids love growing berries and we even are trying an apple tree this year even if our house is by the sea shore.. Any tips welcome 😉


What is a holistic therapy?

It is safe & natural therapy that is beneficial to all age groups, from babies to the elderly. It is a relaxing experience & aids in balancing the body.

How can it help?

It aids in stress reduction, improved circulation, increased energy levels, balances the body and can strengthen your immune system while evoking a sense of relaxation.

How long is a session?

Depending on your needs, a session can be a half hour, or hour long. The first session, I recommend an hour to see how your system responds to treatment.

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